artist bio

Wright has been an artist / photographer since 1989. He started work on his current medium of layered photography in 2001 while living and working as an artist in Europe for four years. His passion is to capture the natural world and layer it with the ironies of the built world. Most recently Wright has been focused on the green building movement and his not yet published body of work titled “Infrastructure for Nature”. It is about a vision for our future where nature and architecture become one.

artist statement

Photography allows me to capture, through layering, my perception of a particular place or idea and ask questions through the subtle juxtaposition of two images. The work begins with pure photography, no digital manipulation is required.

The layering of photography reflects the subtle parallels between the evolution of nature and humans. Although there is not an exact formula for capturing the essence these parallels, the 3-dimensional medium, subject matter, visual metaphors, colors, textures, and powerful metallic photos bring the viewer closer to the essence.

Perceptions are shaped by more than the objective world. Interpretation is interactive and comprised of a complex web of sensory input. We create innumerable layers of interpretation and biased perceptions that shape our world-views. Of course we can evolve and embellish this situation. We could even change the perception we use to interact with the world.